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I love TV, way to much for my own good. When I'm not reading a book a day, I'm binging TV.

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wilby and I shall watch if we want to

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First two episodes watched, and so far I'm really into it! I've noticed shows doing this a lot more lately where they will jump into this HUGE future event that you just NEED to know what's going on NOW, but than they'll go right back to the beginning of something and slowly reveal everything until it collides together. Like How to Get Away with Murder. And I am eating up this technique!

OMG I love this show! I don't know if its the beautiful people, or the beautiful pictures but I love it! I also am an addict for elimination type TV shows. I would never want to be a model, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy others striving to be! And I like how the later seasons show you more about actually being in the house together. And that they have men to!

Life Unexpected

I adored this show! I'm sad that it ended! The cast was great, idea behind it I loved! A show that isn't similar in script but idea is the new show Grandfathered.