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Elise Favia

Hello everyone! Just finished college (studying math, comp sci, dance, & music). I love my tv shows! I'm very into crime/medical dramas and comedies, medical shows, and still have my guilty pleasure shows. I'm currently (slowly but surely) binge watching the entire CSI and MCU TV universes, along with keeping up with all my current shows. I hope you guys find my lists helpful in discovering new shows to watch and knowing which ones to avoid.

User Lists

DC Comics

21 Shows

Shows in the DC Comics Universes

Need to Catch Up On

19 Shows

Shows I'm watching that I'm behind on and need to catch up on. Also includes concluded shows I'm binge watching that if they weren't concluded would be on shows I watch.

Based on Movies

12 Shows

Shows that were movies first.

Will They Last?

44 Shows

Shows I want to follow to see how far they make it, but will probably never watch.


87 Shows

Shows I haven't categorized in my lists yet

Shows With Broadway Stars

44 Shows

Shows that star or feature prominent broadway actors as regulars. Let me know if I missed any!

Currently Airing: Shows I Watch

30 Shows

Shows I watch that are currently airing new episodes (or if they recently concluded the season but I'm catching up). A subset of my Shows I Watch list.

Gone Too Soon

39 Shows

Shows that were cancelled long before their time. Be warned, many of these ended with cliffhangers.

Other unscripted shows

28 Shows

These are unscripted shows I watch from time to time that aren't crime, medical, vet, or food related.

NCIS/JAG Universe

8 Shows

These are all the shows in the NCIS universe.