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Elise Favia

Hello everyone! Just finished college (studying math, comp sci, dance, & music). I love my tv shows! I'm very into crime/medical dramas and comedies, medical shows, and still have my guilty pleasure shows. I'm currently (slowly but surely) binge watching the entire CSI and MCU TV universes, along with keeping up with all my current shows. I hope you guys find my lists helpful in discovering new shows to watch and knowing which ones to avoid.

User Lists

Law and Order Universe

17 Shows

These are all the shows in the Law and Order universe (not just the franchise). I also included a couple of the foreign spin offs).

CSI Universe

7 Shows

These are all the shows that take place in the CSI Universe (not just the franchise)

Love But Don't Watch Regularly

16 Shows

These are some of my favorite shows that I'm behind on and need to catch up on at some point.

Food Unscripted Shows

31 Shows

These are the food reality shows I watch from time to time.

Best Shows Of All Time

21 Shows

These are my absolute favorite shows.

Medical, Vet, and Crime Reality Shows

25 Shows

These are shows I watch regularly, but not every episode.

Want to Watch At Some Point

64 Shows

These are my shows that are on-deck to binge watch at some point, but not in urgent need to check out (those go on a different list).

Kids Shows

66 Shows

These were some of my favorite shows as a kid

TV Duds (or More Politely, Not My Cup of Tea)

38 Shows

Shows that didn't pass pilot shopping for me or the initial trial period. Or that I really despised.