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Elise Favia

Hello everyone! Just finished college (studying math, comp sci, dance, & music). I love my tv shows! I'm very into crime/medical dramas and comedies, medical shows, and still have my guilty pleasure shows. I'm currently (slowly but surely) binge watching the entire CSI and MCU TV universes, along with keeping up with all my current shows. I hope you guys find my lists helpful in discovering new shows to watch and knowing which ones to avoid.

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Alex O'Loughlin

5 Shows

Shows featuring Alex O'Loughlin, one of my favorite actors!

Favorite Stars

18 Shows

Shows I watched because a certain actor was in it (excludes the Amell Cousins and Alex O'Loughlin, since they have their own lists). Includes: Ted Danson, Tim DeKay,…

Amell Cousins

20 Shows

Shows featuring Robbie and/or Stephen Amell, either as stars or guests. These two are my favorites!

Tsk, Tsk, Critics

3 Shows

Shows that the critics panned, but that I thought were quite good.

Can't Find Streaming

6 Shows

Shows that I can't find streaming, at least on the legal sites that are free or that I have subscriptions to (CW seed, CW, CBS All Access, Hulu, Netflix, Crackle).

Midseason Shows

9 Shows

Shows that have their season premieres midseason.

Musical Shows

7 Shows

Scripted shows with singing involved.

Cliffhangers, Beware!

37 Shows

Shows that ended on cliffhangers. My biggest tv pet peeve... Feel free to let me know any shows I missed in the comments! I want this one to become a community list!

Online Shows: Shows I Watch

20 Shows

A subset of my Shows I Watch list that airs exclusively online (Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, CW Seed, etc).

Bubble Watch

2 Shows

Shows that haven't been officially renewed or cancelled. Note that this is not a true bubble watch and not really maintained/updated until we approach the end of the…