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Elise Favia

Hello everyone! Just finished college (studying math, comp sci, dance, & music). I love my tv shows! I'm very into crime/medical dramas and comedies, medical shows, and still have my guilty pleasure shows. I'm currently (slowly but surely) binge watching the entire CSI and MCU TV universes, along with keeping up with all my current shows. I hope you guys find my lists helpful in discovering new shows to watch and knowing which ones to avoid.

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Based on Books

18 Shows

Shows that are adaptions or based on books

Used To Track

60 Shows

Shows that were once on my tracker, but had to drop to make room. Mostly shows that aren't on any of my other lists (does not include shows on my watched and concluded…

Tracking for the News

15 Shows

Shows I still track that I don't watch/don't plan to watch, but still want to see news for.

Class Viewing Assignments

6 Shows

Shows I had to watch for classes I took

Shows to Boycott

7 Shows

Shows I won't be watching due to support of certain individuals, lack of support of others, erasure of important LGBT characters, and corporate bullying of creators.

Greg Berlanti

29 Shows

Shows created, produced, and/or written by Greg Berlanti.

Need to Catch Up On: Priority

2 Shows

Shows I need to catch up on that I want to get through ASAP

Languages Other Than English

25 Shows

shows originally produced in another language (so far, includes German, Dutch, Italian, French, Portuguese, Catalan, and Spanish).


8 Shows

The subset of the DC comics shows that take place in the shared multiverse, primarily on CW.

Need to Check Out: Priority

7 Shows

Shows that recently premiered and others of priority that I need to watch the pilot of to decide whether they make my permanent watch list (subset of Need to Check Out…