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Good Omens

This show is like the lovechild of Pushing Daisies, The Umbrella Academy and Supernatural. It's entertaining, includes relevant social commentary and features the always riveting Michael Sheen and the eternally likable David Tennant in characters that showcase their great talents. Definitely worth watching! =)

Great News

Only marginally better then all the other barely palatable sitcoms that you won't remember a week from now. Not original in it's premise, though not a complete ripoff of any one show that preceded it. Tina Fey's involvement definitely piqued my interest but this has almost none of the charm of 30 Rock. Possibly worth the watch if you can identify with the main character (I couldn't) and you have no good shows to watch.


A really wonderful, surprisingly unique and heart-warming show that delves into the inner workings of a not so typical yet highly relatable family. Characters are complex and interesting and it is a joy watching them grow and tackle the obstacles that come their way.