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After a devastating breakup, Ella Spencer enlists her roommate/best friend Tim to help her seek revenge on her ex. The two of them, along with a couple of coerced interns, form a band with hopes of taking down her ex-boyfriend in the Battle of the Bands nerd-rock contest. However, as budding romances among bandmates begin to escalate, Ella is forced to choose between her new-found musical success and her next relationship.

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I love web series and I wish more of the excellent ones out there were available to track on Sidereel.
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All the initials. But really, folks this is a list of shows where LGBTQ people gets to shine, or at least gets to be represented. They are not all great representations, but they are representations none the less.
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All about that bass, and other musical explorations!
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These are some of my favorite television shows of all time.
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TV shows I have finished