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Red vs. Blue, often abbreviated as RvB, is a set of related comic science fiction video series created by Rooster Teeth Productions and distributed through the Internet and DVD. The story centers on two opposing teams of soldiers fighting a civil war in the middle of a desolate box canyon (Blood Gulch), in a parody of first-person shooter (FPS) games, military life, and science fiction films. Initially intended to be a short series of six to eight episodes, the project quickly and unexpectedly achieved significant popularity following its Internet premiere on April 1, 2003. The fifth and final season of the original Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles series ended with episode 100, released on June 28, 2007. Three mini-series—Out of Mind, Recovery One, and Relocated—and the three-part Recollection Trilogy containing the full-length Reconstruction, Recreation and Revelation series (Seasons 6-8) have extended the plot. It was revealed at Comic Con 2010 that Red vs Blue would return for a ninth season.

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Don't plan on watching right away, but I'll get to it.
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Oh you think you're funny eh... wise guy
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Shows and cartoons I remember watching growing up.
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TV on the Internet
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Could be better, not tooo bad, watchable without anything else to watch
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Shows I track for my other half. Cars and explosions n stuff.
13 shows
by LukeD1
These are the best, they might have some bade season but when it comes down two it... I still love them
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Anything can happen in a cartoon, and sometime I just don't feel like looking at actual peoples' faces.
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71 shows
by nsb411
These shows make people laugh, usually.