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16 seasons and still one of the best shows on telly. Story lines taken from current affairs helps keep it gritty, heart wrenching, infuriating and thrilling.

I still miss Stabler though. LOL


if I read the reviews before watching the show I would have been disappointed for missing it. I'm not saying that the reviews are wrong, they are, in general, correct. However, for me, Hayes Morrison (Haley Atwell) is an interesting character who maybe coming to terms with consequences of actions (in a rebellious teenage, stunted growth kinda way) whilst dealing with pressures of privilege, politics, family and career. I'd like to see how this develops so I'm glad I didn't read the reviews beforehand. I,m prepared to just wait and see.........

Happy Valley

This show deserves the BAFTA award for best drama. Sally Wainright's gritty , yet human feel has you engaged almost from the first moment. Its a typicallly British style, which builds on the suspense and ties together several story lines through the main character, Catherine Cawood, a police sargent dealing with her own family tragedy, as she negotiates life and crime within the police force of a small country town in West Yorshire. Watch it and you certainly won't be disappointed !!