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James Adkins

My name is James and I'm a tvoholic and I'm from Ohio. I love watching TV shows. My favorite kind is horror/thriller/suspense. I've been trying different kind of shows lately. There are too many tv shows to track. I'm in the process of cleaning my tracker. Maybe. Sometimes my movie watching gets in the way of my TV show watching. JamesFearX

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More is Less/More Time

64 Shows

More popular titles that I haven't watched or I started and never finished. There needs to be more time added in the week. Watched: Falling Skies, Without a Trace,…

Less is More/Hard to Find

19 Shows

Not so popular shows or shows that is hard to find ways to watch, that I plan to watch one day.


49 Shows

TV Shows featuring characters with extraordinary abilities and other characters in their respective universes.


33 Shows


21 Shows