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The Expanse

I've read the first 4 books (and just discovered that the 5th one came out this summer...) and loved them. From what I remember from the books (read them a while ago) the first four episode are solid and the memories are coming back. So far, no major discrepancies between the show and the book. Can't wait for the other episodes. If it's a 13 episodes season we'll probably have a big cliffhanger based what happened on phoebe or something. I'll stop writing of I'll spoil the show to those who haven't read the books yet.
I really hope the show reach the third book story line. They can easily make one season per book.

Just finished the last episode of season 1. I really hope they make season 2. Can't wait.


I'm a big fan of shows that are in space ship, so I'm going to keep watching this. Some reviewers didn't like some aspect of the show, but I think it satisfies the hitch until Star Trek starts again. Like one other reviewer said, it really ressembles a cross with an horror movie and 2001 space odyssey. The effects and decor visual aesthetics are pretty good for the style they are portraying. I'm 3 episodes in, and it seems that we'll be limited to the ship for a while. I have no doubt that this show will get cancelled probably after 2 seasons, but there aren't that many sci-fy show right now, especially with space ships.

The Orville

Is it wrong for me to like this show more than the new Star Trek Discovery ? Sure, the humor in this is pretty adolescent, but I love shows set in space. Kind of like another show called "Other space". Let's see where this takes us. I like how there is consistency where that each time the captain ask Alara to open a door he repeats the same phrase in each episodes : " Alara, you want to open this jar of pickles ? ".