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Patrick Wilson gives life in this new series to Michael Holt, a doctor laureate who lives a life of luxury, which changes dramatically when his ex-wife dies and begins to communicate with him from beyond.

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For all of us who have loved and lost our favorite TV shows to the Cancellation Monsters, here is a list in progress. Whether you liked the show, enjoyed it or are heart-broken that it's gone, leave your comment below and I'll add as many as you like (doesn't matter how long ago it was canceled) to the list. Vent, cry or just leave the show title, let's see what shows we all miss. : )
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Shows that have concluded.
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My big list of TV shows that I watched, plan to watch or currently watching. Tracker is the big enough .
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Takes place in a hospital setting for the majority of the show.
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Includes Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Angels, Demons etc (but NOT Aliens!)