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Forest Whitaker is set to portray FBI agent Sam Cooper, a long-time BAU agent, who left the FBI for a mysterious eight-year period, but returned 10 months earlier to head a team of renegade profilers who operate as far out of the bureaucracy as possible. Beau Garrett portrays Gina LaSalle, an agent straight out of the FBI Academy. Matt Ryan is Mick Rawson, an ex-British Special Forces soldier, and Michael Kelly is Prophet, who spent six years in jail. The team will focus on cases that involve human trafficking and assassination plots.

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For all of us who have loved and lost our favorite TV shows to the Cancellation Monsters, here is a list in progress. Whether you liked the show, enjoyed it or are heart-broken that it's gone, leave your comment below and I'll add as many as you like (doesn't matter how long ago it was canceled) to the list. Vent, cry or just leave the show title, let's see what shows we all miss. : )
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A work in progress, I am so far behind in most of these that I'll need a fortnight off work just to catch up on one of them!!!! Some, I missed when they were shown, others I forgot about them as they went on hiatus or perhaps didn't like them before but have been persuaded to give them another chance...if you see this list and have a recommendation, leave it in the comments! :)
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Shows with only one season, or TV movies/specials.
Shows that I would like to watch.
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Shows focused on law enforcement.