One day, Yukiteru discovers that his cell phone "diary" can now tell him the events of the future. The problem is, eleven others also have similar diaries, and only one can win this Survival Game. The winner becomes a god. The losers: DEAD END.

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These are some pretty frickin' good cartoons and anime and whatnot. Best of this List: Avatar: The Last Airbender Worst of this List: Naruto (but it's my guilty pleasure) Shout-Outs: Avatar: The Last Airbender for being the absolute greatest western animation of my childhood and for having the worst live-action movie Avatar: The Legend of Korra for having to follow-up The Last Airbender and being just as great Death Note for the mental aerobics The Future Diary for being uncomfortable to watch with other people but having a pretty satisfying story Alex Hirsch for ending one of the best cartoons of this generation when he no longer had a story he wanted to tell - takes guts Naruto for making me watch 5,000 episodes of filler for 1 or 2 of a pretty sweet battle Samurai Jack for coming back from the dead to give us the ending we all needed