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I'll give it a shot.

3 Shows

Shows that I probably won't enjoy but it's characters deserve a shot.

Guilty Pleasures

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Shows that are not "man shows" I like.



meh, it's funny, but not as funny as his standup routines. The show's humor can feel a bit forced at times, but the ensemble cast was very well put together. One of the better TV Land shows imo.


ugh. was it just me or was her character completely ridiculous. She's caught in possession of a controlled substance and gets promoted to the head of a task force to save wrongfully convicted people? A convicted felon handling evidence? What? He would be destroyed in court, and all evidence handled would be tainted. This show is pretty far fetched.


Just the way he's running in the promo still annoys me, he looks like a dumb robot. lead character is not my favorite choice. This show is on my 'most likely to give up on' list.