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1 day i will be commentator on after buzz tv

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Since CBS cancelled my other fav summer show The Zoo I hope Salvation and up the ante making Darius the vice president is diff trick but who and what is the hacker group resentence because we know they must expose who they are and why they are targeting Darius Tanz. 2 Presidents running amok 1 in exile hiding the other trying to make bold moves.


dear powers at be and writers showrunners if you know you are writing show that might get cancelled at any minute especially a show so fantastical as zoo that only was shown in the summer then give the show a proper ending and not another cliffhanger, too many shows get cancelled without a proper ending and the audience who watch the series and faithful to the over the top storyline is left with cliffhanger for a conclusion for the show. So Logan gets killed clem's baby is kidnapped by an extreme animal Lady who thinks animals and her should be the only thing roaming the earth. Now there is no resolution for this show because CBS has cancelled it.

Designated Survivor

Sad to see the show go and wish there was something else with a Political nature on tv I will have to watch Scandal and West wing and hopefully Designated survivor on Netflix. At least most of the intrigue stuff were answered and what would season 3 bring with Kirkman on the campaign trail.