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Age 60 - disabled widow w/ 12 cats. TV series and movies are one of my many hobbies (aka: time consuming activities.) Also into art, writing and (of course) wasting time on the computer :)

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All those animated and non animated kids shows I remember watching in my kid years ... still prone to bring a smile and a giggle :)

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Emerald City

5/13/2017 - - - What ?? Ended after only 1 season ?? And they're gonna leave it just hanging there with no ending ?? What a freakin' ripoff !! Wouldn't all these stations be in a dump-load of trouble if everyone just decided to not get caught up in a series. They left me hanging that way with "Witches of East End" too. "Grimm" ended, but at least they took the time to end their tale properly. Now I hear "Sleepy Hollow" got canned ... they were just getting their groove back and have an open ended storyline ... At least "Once Upon A Time" gets another season and they're losing 5 or 6 of their main characters. I guess some stations just have more guts than others.

So far, I'm getting caught up in it. There's a lot going on to keep up with so it's def not a show for those who like keeping things simple. I always appreciate a good bit of "complex" to rattle my day (or night).

I'm finding this rendition of "Unfortunate Events" much better than the movie. While Jim Carrey's insanity added a certain spice to the character of Count Olaf, I'm also very impressed with the performance of Neil Patrick Harris in the role ....

So sad that this show only got one season. I was really enjoying it. Would have loved to see the Hatter play a part in it, but I think it carried well anyway. I loved the addition of the Genie (Alice's romantic interest) ... and his nemesis Jafar (borrowed from the Aladdin story). The actor playing Jafar was outstanding!
Then there was the Knave of Hearts ... aka Will Scarlet in the OUAT side of the portal and one of Robin Hood's merry men. He and his love, Anastasia (the Red Queen) had a really rough go of it.
I was glad of the fact that by the time they reached the end of the season, everyone reached a happily ever after point.
Nothing bothers me more than a series that simply stops and leaves loose ends all over the place.