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Louis XIV flaunts his absolute power by building the most extraordinary castle in the world, in his bid to keep the nobles under control and out of Paris.

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Show's that look good, and I'm not tracking
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94 shows
by TelevisionFanboyContributor
Stuff I am interested in seeing
Large chihiro and haku by madneeko
Series whose main character(s) are historical figures, notable or public persons. Usually the main plot revolves around significant or historical events. Broad spectrum of subjects and genres.
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14 shows
by tvqueen
Period pieces
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42 shows
by lascura
shows to watch later
At least some inspiration has been drawn from real events, though sometimes it might seem but a distant memory.
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Shows set in a long gone period of time. Even if that time happens to be the 80's. Basically everything not taking place in the present of the time of filming.
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Shows that are currently aired and I am watching